Vegetal Hair Nourisher

Vegetal Hair Conditioners

Approx Price: Rs 359 / 200 ML 

These hair nourishers are the conditioners which make hair healthy and smooth by reviving hair potion. These nourishers enriched hair roots which further help in removing several hair problems and making the hair lustrous. These conditioners are very easy to apply and use with a guarantee of no side effect to the hair scalp.


  • Vegetal Nourisher (Conditioner):120 gm
  • Price Range: 215 Rs.


Main market areas: India, Europe, USA, UAE, Korea, Australia, China

Hair Conditioner

Approx Price: Rs 359 / 200 ml 
Bio-actives extract of Amla, Shikakai & Lemon

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Approx Price: Rs 248 / 200 ml 
Bio-actives extract of Shikakai & Wheat
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