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We entered in manufacturing natural dyes at a time when azo dyes were banned by the Germans for the first time in 1995. At that time it was said that there are more than 800 chemicals that come in contact with a textile from the stage of cotton cultivation till it reaches the end user. Out of those 800, only 200 were thoroughly studied and 20 of them were banned as Azo amines in 1995. But the research studies on the remaining 600 chemicals were in progress.
“Knowing this, we fore sighted that the dyes that are called safe today as they are free from 20 banned amines may well be under banned categories as studies goes no? But if we go for natural dyes the chance of finding such ban was minimum. We were not wrong. Many of the dyes that were called safe in 1995, came under the banned categories by different certifications called `sustainable textile’, `Global organic textile standards (GOTS)” , GOTS version-II and now GOTS-Version-III” But the natural dyes were safe, are safe and shall remain so
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