AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is the recognized manufacturer of extract form of eco-friendly natural dyes. Our offered range of dyes is widely used for coloring hairs. Besides, these dyes are also used for dying clothes & carpets in textile factories. We offer various types of dyes under the brand name "Vegetal Bio Color" which are made of only herbs and natural ingredients thus providing long lasting and shiny colors to the hairs.

Client FAQs
Q.I am a regular user of henna. I have around 30% white hair. With henna my white hair goes orange red where as my black hair remain almost same. Which colour will suit me? Will I be able to hide my white hair?

Up to 30% white hair, dyed with regular natural henna when dyed with our range of natural colours will get the following results. (please see the chart given below) 

Effects of Vegetal Bio Colour

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Light Brown

The hair will dye in the same way it dyes with natural henna but at least 30% darker look than the normal henna with nice reddish brown reflection against light. This will give a brown tone over all. Your white hair will appear brown and mix well with black hair. Your black hair will get nice reddish brown reflection against light.
This will turn your white hair in soft black. Your white hair will merge with the black hair and your will get a beautiful soft black colour on your hair with nice blackish brown reflection against light.
This will turn your white hair in light brown and will give reflection of brown colour against light.

Q. I use pPD based chemical hair dye which makes my hair black. Which of your colour will suit me the most? I like the black that I have, but it will be great if it comes naturally.

You should use Vegetal Bio Colour, burgundy. You need not to wait for your present chemical colour to come off. You can start right now. But you must repeat it in 8-10 days in order to maintain the same beautiful soft black colour.

If you have 100% gray (white) hair dyed black with chemical dye then you should repeat the application of Vegetal Bio Colour weekly.

Q. I have 100% black hair. I want to add that reddish tinge to my hair in order to make them look gorgeous.

You should go for Vegetal Bio Colour, red. This will give the desired reddish tinge to your hair with great looking reddish reflection against light.

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